Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

Happy Hallowe'en, Blessed Samhain, however you celebrate, wishing you a very happy day from Thorn and Spanki :)) Have fun and enjoy!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Websnake and Mandy's wedding day!

Yesterday Thorn and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Websnake and Mandy. It was a lovely wedding, followed by a night of partying and celebration. Thank you so much to both of you for inviting us, it was an honour to witness your marriage, and be part of your special day. Congratulations! And wishing you all the love and happiness for your future together.

The service

The kiss :)

The wedding party

The happy bride and groom

Log sawing... (a German tradition that we hadn't seen before, symbolising how the bride and groom will manage to accomplish tough tasks in the future, together as a married couple).

First dance

Fireworks! whooooo \0/


Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Hallowe'en Party of SD Damiano

Yesterday was SD Damiano's Hallowe'en party, and it was an awesome time! The decorations for the party were amazing, and the costumes of the many guests were freaky, scary, funny, and cool! An incredible variety of spooks, ghouls, vampires, skeletons, pumpkins, aliens and horror movie monsters showed up to party the night away with DJ Thorn and DJ Sasch, who both played fantastic sets and kept the party jumping all night long.

SD Damiano, dancing alongside Frolic Mills

There were so many great costumes on the dance floor last night, here is a slideshow of as many as I could capture with my camera! Thanks so much to SD and Xia Firethorn for having us, thank you to DJ Sasch for playing a wonderful set, and thanks to everyone who came along and got into the spirit of the occasion! A warm shout out to Frolic Mills also, who took time out of his busy schedule to attend. It was a great party and a brilliant way to celebrate Hallowe'en. Enjoy the spooky season everyone!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Underground Electro Show at Stonewall!

Here are some pictures from last night's party at Stonewall Main Station... Oiswiss DeCuir was kind enough to let Thorn build out the space a couple of weeks ago, he did a great job and the Station looks really cool and and grungy, with a cool floor (Regimade) and lighting effects too. Yesterday was a nice party with good music and friends, thanks to everyone who came along and made it a fun two hours, with lots of giggles and cheeky banter on the dance floor, as well as rockin Electro tunes from your Dj. You guys rock!

Monday, 24 October 2011

SUNDAY MASH at Blue Zone SkyClub was awesome!

What an awesome party last night at Blue Zone SkyClub! DJ Sasch and Dj Thorn, streaming live on one stream, and together totally rocking the club for two hours of hot music and fun.

DJ Sasch and Dj Thorn in da house!

Loads of you sexy guys and girls turned out for this unique event, and it was such a cool time. As well as being a new kind of party... 2 DJ's one stream... it was also Thorn's début at Blue Zone and so it was doubly exciting for him to play yesterday. The club itself is beautiful, at midnight setting it is stunning to look around at the build... the staircase leading down onto the dance floor, the lights, the night sky around us, it's an amazing place. And of course great music, and happy smiley people all around enjoying themselves make the picture complete. Thank you everyone who turned out for this event, you made it an incredible party! And big thanks to DJ Sasch for inviting Thorn to DJ with you at your club, and for making this party possible. Technologywise to bring two DJ's together to play for us on one stream is no easy thing. Awesome stuff!

SUNDAY MASH happens again in two weeks time, this time with DJ Sasch and DJ InsyX. Can't wait to check it out!

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Two DJ’s, streaming live on one stream! Don’t miss this unique event happening today, 2-4pm SLT, with DJ Sasch and Dj Thorn at Blue Zone SkyClub! It’s gona be an amazing party.

'Hot Uniforms' at Mystical Island Club!

Yesterday was Dj Thorn's début set at Mystical Island Club. It was a great party in beautiful surroundings, the club itself is an impressive build; the owners Websnake and Mandy have done an amazing job and it is a great place to hang out and have fun. The floor was busy all night, lots of Thorn's 'cheeky monkeys' came along to party, as well as regular patrons to the club. There was a contest for 'hot uniform' during the party, and there were some really sexy guys out there on the floor taking part. Who doesn't love a man in uniform?! Big congratulations to the winner, Isotope Hax, who's sexy army uniform won him the 1000L$ prize. Woof!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Inworld magazine playlist, October edition

Inworld magazine Vol. 6, October edition

It's always an honour when you are asked to contribute to a magazine about something you are passionate about. That's how I feel about my monthly contribution to Inworld magazine, the fashion world's must-read for Second Life.

Here is my latest column in this month's edition (page 93), my top 10 must-listen play list. I do hope you check it out, and take the time to look through this wonderful magazine, which is always a versatile and high quality read.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Great party and contest at the Temple!

What a fantastic party we had at the Temple, White Sands last night! Owners AL and FER always throw great parties, and yesterday's event was very busy, lots of energy on the floor and loads of fun! Thorn played an impressive set, the best Electro to keep our feet moving, our hearts pounding, and our ears saying YEAH! Great new tunes and all our favourite anthems from your DJ kept the crowd bouncing all night \0/

DJ Sasch and Hurtfulsplash Solis

There was a contest during the party too, with 1000L$ up for grabs. Massive congratulations go out to Hurtfulsplash Solis, who won the prize outright. Well done Hurtful! Seen pictured here (above) with the wonderful DJ Sasch, who also came along to party with us last night. During the party something very cool that happened was when Thorn called Sasch live on air, and they talked live on the stream to tell us all about an amazing party that will be happening with DJ Sasch and Dj Thorn this Sunday, at Blue Zone SkyClub! It really will be a unique show, two incredible DJ's live on one stream, so put a note in your diaries because you really don't want to miss this special event!

Big thanks to everyone at White Sands for such a great time last night, owners AL and FER, dancer marccm, and of course all the sexy people who came along to make it so much fun. Watch this space too for news of a grand new SIM opening with new party venues, shops, residential and much more from the guys at White Sands, it's gonna be a massive party!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Monday party at Dorian Gray Club

Just a couple of pictures from last night's party at the awesome Dorian Gray Club. It was a really cool, fun time, lots of people on the floor, and of course the hottest Electro from your DJ kept the house jumping for 2 and a half hours of tune goodness.

You can catch Thorn here at Dorian Gray every Monday between noon and 2pm SLT... and don't forget to join his new group, 'Dj Thorns Electro Gypsies,' to keep updated about all of his sets across the grid. He made a bunch of cool (and a couple of cheeky) group tags for you guys too ;) So if you're not already in it, give us a shout inworld and we will be happy to add you!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Happy 3rd Rez Day Elijah!

Yesterday Spanki and I had the pleasure of attending the rez day party of Elijah Plutonian, who will be 3 years old in SL on Monday. Congrats Elijah!

Elijah (in blue) with his partner William

The theme of the party was 'Fancy Masquarade Ball', and everyone was dressed in their finery for the occasion. Elijah and his partner William looked wonderful in their outfits, and the location was very nicely decorated. DJ Jared Palianta, a long time friend of Elijah, was the DJ for the party, and played an enjoyable and entertaining set. And it was great to relax, dance and have fun with friends on such a happy occasion ㋡

Half way through the party some of Elijah's family and friends made a very entertaining birthday dance for him, and for us all. It's fair to say that after 3 years in SL, it gets harder to be taken by surprise by the things you see inworld; but the 'cake dance' that was performed yesterday was really impressive! The cake itself was designed and built by Sasha00 Laryukov, and the dance choreographed by Buster Biscuit. It began with the dancers performing around the edge of the cake, with William on the top tier, and half way through their performance candles rose up from out of the cake, and then the dancers were swinging around the candles like pole dancers! The fluidity of the animations was incredible, and the dance was really sexy and fun. What a great birthday treat, highly deserving of the huge round of applause it recieved from everyone watching.

Following the entertainment we moved from the garden area into the 'crown', and danced the rest of the night away inside. It was a great party, and once again I want to thank Elijah very much for inviting us to share in your celebrations, and wish you congratulations and a very happy 3rd rez day to you!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Thorn's début set at Aqua Lounge! Angels and Demons party

Last night was Dj Thorn's début set at the fabulous Aqua Lounge Club. He was very excited to be asked by DJ and club owner InsyX to play at the club, and it was a great party!

As part of the lead up to Hallowe'en celebrations, the theme of the party was Angels and Demons, with prize money set at a generous 2000L$. Heaven and hell united on the dance floor as you sexy guys showed your good and dark sides, with so many fabulous costumes out there on the floor! The atmosphere was hot, flirty and fun, as we partied our asses off to Thorn's hand-picked best electro selection and club anthems. It was so much fun, and also really cool for your cheeky Dj to see some familiar faces, catch up with some old friends, and be able to play for a bunchful of new people too.

Much thanks to InsyX for having Thorn guest at your brilliant club, host Jesse for doing an awesome sexy job as always, and congrats to the contest winners too. Finally big thanks to all the sexy peeps who came along and made it such a great time last night. You rock!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dj Thorn is Guest DJ at the Aqua Lounge this Friday!


The "ANGELS AND DEMONS" SESSIONS WITH GUEST DJ THORN, HOST JESSE, AND DANCER SWEETLATINSPICE @ THE AQUA LOUNGE @ 6pm slt....We are still in the Month of October and Counting Down til Halloween...Tonight we let out our Good and Dark sides...Our Heavens and Hells....Get on those sexy Demon or Angel Outfits and Attachments for a chance of winning 2000L$ (split Prize)!! .... It's gonna be a Heavenly dose of Hell This Friday!!!

Monday, 10 October 2011


How do you have a Rez Day party?

After you book the DeeJay and choose the location, make an invitation to send out to all of your friends, you wait and hope everything goes off without a hitch, like a sim crash or worse… lol… the ‘Latest New Club’ has its opening event the same time as the party with a million lindens on the board! ;P

Well that’s sorta the short version, but the day finally came, the beach we had chosen was beautifully decorated by Mr. G, and our friends and family started to arrive. And arrive.. and arrive.. and arrive! WOW, over 50 hot sexy guys and gals came to make Spanki's special day even more special.

It was an incredible turnout, and we want to thank each and everyone of you for coming:

JessieCraig Ethaniel, Regi Yifu, Joaopedro Oh, DJ Ado & Trace Junkers, Jacks Rhys & Jorgey Petlyakov, FER Alderton & AL Tempest, Bowie Carver & Peter Cedrus, Iven Woodford, Libby Hunny, DJ Lava, Sven Sharktooth, Hurtfulsplash Solis, Nelix Jupiter, Unterwelt Westland, Gus Wiley, Jimmy Windstorm, Hunter, Gaymboy Yao & Laurent Schnute, Jamal Beaumont & Johan Garfield, Joeh Palen & Minoa Palen, Steven Morrisey, Elijah Plutonian & William Plutonian, Spilotros Damiano, JIAN Kranfel, Jared Palianta, Justyn Cale-Maurer, Rufus Malfoy, Jeff Ellsworth, Tricky, Damian (Raffael.Illyar), Brian Lindman, Christo Spyker & Tim Waco, Osçar Rumble, Augi Exonar, DB Byron, Charmed Aima, Valdi Jupiter, Niko Danitz, Leniad Gelbert, Dmitri Hawksby, Mikey Hax, Kalaj, SebastianSm Resident, Chillando Goma, Jerrylee Swords ‘CatManDo’. And to all our other friends that could not make it but sent their best regards and happy rezday wishes, we thank you as well.

Spanki and myself would like to send a very special 'thank you' to Baz Ceawlin & Mr. G for allowing us the let of their beautiful sim The Gay Riviera for the party. The day was perfect, and the party goers were in fine spirits. Our DeeJay for the party was none other than the fabulous DJ Sasch Petrov, one of Second Life’s best DeeJays! Who played a brilliant set with style, and as always loads of fun. Thank you Sasch xxoxx. And once again, thank you everyone for coming, and for making it such a brilliant and memorable night for both of us.