Tuesday, 4 October 2011

VITAMEN'S Secret Fashion Show was a great success!

All of the models pictured at the end of the show

Thorn in Kimono on Sunday's show

Samurai Warrior Thorn LOL at the Saturday Show

Vitamen Hax has been forever one of my favourite male underwear and swimwear designers in Second Life, who's creations, in my humble opinion, really are second to none. I count myself lucky that he is a friend of mine, and I was incredibly honoured when he requested me to DJ at his Secret Fashion Show last weekend.

Apart from a couple of technical hiccups with getting the audio stream to change, both shows went off brilliantly. The models, Matteo, Liam, Azazel, Garrett and Tadeu, apart from being gorgeous, hit their marks with style and great professionalism. The set was beautifully designed, and the second show on Sunday was so well attended we crashed the Sim ;)

Thank you to InWorld Inc. and Mayong (Maya.Sharpshire), and special thanks to my dear friend Vitamen Hax, big hugs and kisses. A special thank you also to Blossoms Sweetwater 櫻花 for her wonderful pictures and book she made of the show.

You can check out VITAMEN Adult-Mix line of underwear & swimwear, erotic men's underwear & swimwear at VITAMEN Adult-Mix Main Store .

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