Monday, 10 October 2011


How do you have a Rez Day party?

After you book the DeeJay and choose the location, make an invitation to send out to all of your friends, you wait and hope everything goes off without a hitch, like a sim crash or worse… lol… the ‘Latest New Club’ has its opening event the same time as the party with a million lindens on the board! ;P

Well that’s sorta the short version, but the day finally came, the beach we had chosen was beautifully decorated by Mr. G, and our friends and family started to arrive. And arrive.. and arrive.. and arrive! WOW, over 50 hot sexy guys and gals came to make Spanki's special day even more special.

It was an incredible turnout, and we want to thank each and everyone of you for coming:

JessieCraig Ethaniel, Regi Yifu, Joaopedro Oh, DJ Ado & Trace Junkers, Jacks Rhys & Jorgey Petlyakov, FER Alderton & AL Tempest, Bowie Carver & Peter Cedrus, Iven Woodford, Libby Hunny, DJ Lava, Sven Sharktooth, Hurtfulsplash Solis, Nelix Jupiter, Unterwelt Westland, Gus Wiley, Jimmy Windstorm, Hunter, Gaymboy Yao & Laurent Schnute, Jamal Beaumont & Johan Garfield, Joeh Palen & Minoa Palen, Steven Morrisey, Elijah Plutonian & William Plutonian, Spilotros Damiano, JIAN Kranfel, Jared Palianta, Justyn Cale-Maurer, Rufus Malfoy, Jeff Ellsworth, Tricky, Damian (Raffael.Illyar), Brian Lindman, Christo Spyker & Tim Waco, Osçar Rumble, Augi Exonar, DB Byron, Charmed Aima, Valdi Jupiter, Niko Danitz, Leniad Gelbert, Dmitri Hawksby, Mikey Hax, Kalaj, SebastianSm Resident, Chillando Goma, Jerrylee Swords ‘CatManDo’. And to all our other friends that could not make it but sent their best regards and happy rezday wishes, we thank you as well.

Spanki and myself would like to send a very special 'thank you' to Baz Ceawlin & Mr. G for allowing us the let of their beautiful sim The Gay Riviera for the party. The day was perfect, and the party goers were in fine spirits. Our DeeJay for the party was none other than the fabulous DJ Sasch Petrov, one of Second Life’s best DeeJays! Who played a brilliant set with style, and as always loads of fun. Thank you Sasch xxoxx. And once again, thank you everyone for coming, and for making it such a brilliant and memorable night for both of us.

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