Thursday, 30 June 2011

Party at White Sands Gay Beach Club \0/

Yesterday was DJ Thorn's regular set at White Sands. The party was held outside on the beach last night... there are a number of party locations over there at White Sands, including The Temple Gay Club, a pool, and the beach club where we were yesterday. It was a really fun party, dancing in beautiful surroundings to great music with fun, sexy people. The chat was fun and the tunes were hot! Everyone shakin their sexy asses as the sun went down, the stars came out, and we danced the night away.

If you haven't checked out the sim yet, take a taxi over there and wander around the shops, take a dip in the pool, or chill out on the beach. Here are some pictures from yesterday's party. Good times. You rock, Mista DeeJay! :D

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Monday party at The Bunker

Just a couple of quick pics from last night's party at the awesome venue that is The Bunker, Gay Fun World. Thorn's Monday set is always something to look forward to on the first day of the working week, and the party here is always fun. Sexy peeps and great music.

The last week has been hectic partyfest for Thorn, a total of 22 sets in one week! Between fashion week, his regular sets, a couple of private parties and the parties at Summerfest, that's ALOT of partying! Time for a well earned day off today. The party continues over at H67 CITY tomorrow, 2pm SLT. If you're not in the Sky group you can grab the SLurl from... yes... the SLurl page on this blog ;) See you tomorrow on the dance floor!

Thorn, with Host Thom Nexen

Monday, 27 June 2011

Mr NUDE 2011!

As promised, last night's event at the Gay Riviera was huge! The sim was full as ten hot, sexy men strutted, posed and sweet-talked the crowd as they competed for the Mr Nude 2011 title, and the $L10,000 prize.

One by one the contestants made their way down the runway and posed for the highly appreciative audience, as they were introduced by the host for the event, Thom Nexen. DJ Thorn played a rockin set as always, he and Thom as well as the judges all getting naked in the spirit of the occasion.

Once all the guys had done everything they could to impress the crowd and the judges, by a combination of the crowds votes and the judges decision, Si De Brit was declared Mr NUDE 2011. With his dark brooding looks and hot body, the handsome, sexy and intelligent Si walked away with the title as a well deserving winner. Congratulations to him and to everyone who took part in the competition, you all looked sexy as hell and made choosing just one of you to vote for a tough decision!

It was a great event, hot, fun, sexy, with great music and a fantastic crowd. A really fun conclusion to SummerFest week.

Winner of the Mr NUDE 2011 title, Si De Brit

Sunday, 26 June 2011

a busy weekend!

Saturday was a busy day for DJ Thorn. First up was his regular BOSL radio show between 10am-12 noon SL time. It's really easy to tune in and catch his set, just grab the URL, drop it in your audio tab (or you can listen with wimamp or on the website too). You don't even have to catch a TP to join the party! But I challenge you not to get out of your chair and dance ;)

Also on the schedule for Saturday were three fashion shows, one for O-Glamour and two separate shows for Siren Productions, one of which was held at SL8B. As well as his regular sets Thorn is available for work like this, fashion shows and private parties. You can contact Thom Nexen or Spanki Moulliez inworld for further info :))

Don't forget guys that today is the Mr Nude 2011 Election -

- Mr Nude 2011 election - 10,000 L$ prize - Gay Riviera (2pm - 4pm)
MC : Thorn Andel / Guest : Thom Nexen / Jury President : HunterTx

It's gonna be a hot party, great tunes from Mr Andel himself, and a lot of fun! SLurl is in the link above, can't wait to see everyone over there, not to mention the hotties on stage who are all itching to wear that crown. Check the Gay Archipelago blog for details and for all the other fun stuff happening during SummerFest 2011.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Men in Black @ The Temple

Last night was another busy party, Thorn's regular set at The Temple Gay Club, White Sands. The Temple is also a really cool venue to party in, with lots of glass and a nice big dance floor. There was a contest during last night's set too, 'MEN IN BLACK'. Nah, not the movie with Will Smith, but dress in black and look damn sexy doin it. And you did! It was a hot crowd, and a really fun party! Congrats to the winner of the contest TomasRoss Resident who went home $L4000 richer. Wow.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Here are some pictures from Thorn's regular Wednesday set at H67 CITY. Last night's party was so much fun! The floor filled up really quick and everyone was in a happy party mood. Since it is Summer the party was held outside again, and it was so cool dancing under the stars in the beautiful surroundings.

If you have never been over there to H67 CITY you really are missing something special. It's a beautiful build, with a great selection of shops, a beach, a club, art and culture, and a residential area. H67 CITY is 'the city that never sleeps', and they tell us as we arrive, 'our home is your home.' You will certainly recieve a warm welcome when you visit. You can catch Thorn streaming live over there every Wednesday between 2-4pm SLT. We would love to see you! :)

one night, 2 great parties!

Yesterday was the opening of SummerFest! Here are some pictures from Thorn's set at the Tiamat Theatre at the Pride Sim, when the ribbon was cut to announce the celebrations officially open. It was a really cool party, and the venue looked amazing. Don't forget to check the gay-archipelago blog for details of all the fun stuff going on this week.

At 4pm we jumped on the party bus and headed over to 'Les Saline' opening party, the new venue and mall of Raquim Mubble. Lots of you turned out for that and it was a really fun event.

You can check out Raquim's place Caleta Cove. Woot, shopping \0/ :)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Party at The Bunker, GFW

Last nights party at The Bunker, Gay Fun World, was so much fun! Great party atmosphere, HOT guys, packed dance floor, cool tunes. All the ingredients for a great party \0/
Don't forget that SummerFest opens today! Check the previous post here for all the details. See you at the TIAMAT THEATRE / PRIDE 2pm SLT!

Monday, 20 June 2011

LGBT SummerFest 2011 starts tomorrow!

Read all about it here!

You can catch DJ Thorn at the SummerFest Opening Session, 2-4pm SLT - TIAMAT THEATRE / PRIDE - Sponsored by ENERGY
Host: Thom Nexen

and - Mr Nude 2011 election - 10,000 L$ prize - Gay Riviera (2pm - 5pm)
MC : Thorn Andel / Guest : Thom Nexen / Jury President : HunterTx

Beach Party

Last night was our regular beach party at the Dock, at the beautiful Gay Riviera. It was great to see all you sexy guys come on over for some sun, sea, and a selection of sweet tunes hand-picked by your DJ. It was a hot, wild affair as always! Great party guys. Thanks to everyone who came, and to the studly Thom Nexen who was our host for the event. You rock!

Saturday, 18 June 2011


So guys we promised you awesome tunes, wall to wall hot men and a fabulous party atmosphere last night... and that's what you got!
megaWOOF at Stonewall Main Station, Gay Fun World was a blast!
Party opened with DJ Sasch Petrov between 2-3pm SLT, he got the crowd jumping and heated things up! DJ Thorn took the stream between 3-4pm and kept things wild n steamy! The fabulous MissK hosted the party. What a great way to kick off the weekend \0/
Pictures ------>
DJ Sasch
Host Missy

Friday, 17 June 2011

hot party at the Temple!

Last nights party at the Temple Nightclub @ White Sands was great! A busy, sexy party with hot guys and a great atmosphere! Congrats to Armand Wurgle Carnell who won the 'Apollo Body' contest... with so many sexy peeps on the floor it was tricky to make a choice who to vote for, but checking out all the hot bodies was a pleasure ^^
Here's a few pictures from last night. Catch you tonight at Stonewall Main Station, Gay Fun World!

Contest winner Armand

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Hey guys! welcome to blog of DJ Thorn Andel, partying and loving life in SL since 2008.

What better way to kick off a blog of awesome party adventures than to post up some pictures from tonight's party at H67 CITY.

The party was held outside this week on a specially constructed dance floor, as the weather was hot, and so was the crowd! You sexy thangsssss ;)