Monday, 27 June 2011

Mr NUDE 2011!

As promised, last night's event at the Gay Riviera was huge! The sim was full as ten hot, sexy men strutted, posed and sweet-talked the crowd as they competed for the Mr Nude 2011 title, and the $L10,000 prize.

One by one the contestants made their way down the runway and posed for the highly appreciative audience, as they were introduced by the host for the event, Thom Nexen. DJ Thorn played a rockin set as always, he and Thom as well as the judges all getting naked in the spirit of the occasion.

Once all the guys had done everything they could to impress the crowd and the judges, by a combination of the crowds votes and the judges decision, Si De Brit was declared Mr NUDE 2011. With his dark brooding looks and hot body, the handsome, sexy and intelligent Si walked away with the title as a well deserving winner. Congratulations to him and to everyone who took part in the competition, you all looked sexy as hell and made choosing just one of you to vote for a tough decision!

It was a great event, hot, fun, sexy, with great music and a fantastic crowd. A really fun conclusion to SummerFest week.

Winner of the Mr NUDE 2011 title, Si De Brit

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