Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Winter Fashion Week 9th-14th December 2011

Presented By: Passion Fashion Agency, Elegancia and KABUKI boutique.

Grand opening gala ~ Friday 9th December 12pm SLT, presented by KABUKI boutique. The opening will be a mixed designer show comprising hand picked models and original custom outfits/designs that encapsulate the theme 'Wicked Winter Wonderland.'

Full Calendar of Events:

December 9th
12:00pm SLT – Winter Fashion Week Opening Gala
2:00pm SLT – [sYs] Fashion Show
4:00pm SLT – Egoisme Fashion Show

December 10th
10:00am SLT – Aimesi Fashion Show
12:00pm SLT – Sartoria Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Nemesis Fashion Show
4:00pm SLT – Gizza Fashion Show
6:00pm SLT – House of Rage Fashion Show

December 11th
10:00am SLT – Countdown Fashion Show
12:00pm SLT – Angel Dessous Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Xanadu Fashion Show
4:00pm SLT – PurpleMoon Fashion Show

December 12th
12:00pm SLT – Tres Beau Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Solidea Folies Fashion Show

December 13th
10:00am SLT – MEB Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Azoury Fashion Show

December 14th
12:00pm SLT – Winter Fashion Week Closing Event

For more info: contact Federica Galtier, Blackliquid Tokyoska, Salvo Waydelich or Leandra Breen.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Inworld Magazine Playlist November Edition

Here is Dj Thorn's latest column in this month's edition of Inworld Magazine (page 61), his top 10 must-listen play list. We do hope you check it out, and take the time to look through this wonderful magazine, which as always is a versatile and high quality read.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Goodbye Tainted Boys, we will miss you!

Last night was Dj Thorn's final set at the beautiful Dorian Gray Club. After tonight (Tuesday) Adonis and Trace will close the doors for the final time, and the club will sadly be closing.

It was a good party with great music as we celebrated all our happy times there, and said goodbye to our friends and to Tainted Boys.

As anyone who has been around in SL for a while will know, Tainted Boys has a long history on the SL grid.

Over the years Adonis and Trace have rebuilt the club a number of times, always inventing new and exciting party venues for us to dance and have fun in. There have been shopping malls, beaches, a games room, a pool, gardens, a gallery. There have been live concerts, hundreds of themed parties and contests, holiday celebrations, and more than 800 DJ sets played over the years.

I am sure we are not alone in feeling sadness at the closure of Dorian Gray / Tainted Boys, it has a very special place in our, and many people's hearts. Adonis and Trace are professional, fun, caring, and friend to many of us, and for us there has been a Tainted Boys club as long as we have been on the SL Grid! Tainted Boys' place in the Gay Community and on the club scene is long standing and will be sorely missed. But in the words of Adonis...

"Ado (adonis.lubitsch): yeah...I can't believe it's 4 years ago (since opening) ....with many good DJ's...hosts...dancers...and nice guests :D But nothing is it's time to make a break :D
Who knows what the future will bring. We will see. But anyway...the next month will be without an SL club :D Maybe we come back...maybe not :D"

So while the future is unsure for the club, I am sure that everyone reading this will join us in thanking Adonis and Trace sincerely for all the wonderful times and great memories made with them over the years, for their friendship, and for their generosity in providing so many hours of fun for so many of us on the Grid.

We hope that they will be back again one day but in the meantime, best of luck to you both Adonis and Trace! And although the club will be gone the friendship remains, and we will always be glad for that. We love you and wherever your path leads next we wish you every happiness along the way.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Friday party time!

Yesterday was a busy night for your DJ.

First we partied at the hot n sexy MegaWOOF, always a sexy and fun time with a great crowd on the floor. Thanks so much to everyone who came along last night and made it a wicked partytime, and of course thank you to naughty host Missy, who always extends a warm welcome to everyone and always has fun with us guys in the chat.

Later yesterday evening was Thorn's 2nd gig of the night, at the fabulous AquA Lounge.

Last night's party had a contest, 'sexiest in barely there'... WOOF! There were so many hotties on the floor in next to nothing that it's no surprise we ended with four winners who shared the split prize! Congrats guys.

All in all a brilliant Friday night!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Égoïsme 3rd Anniversary Fashion Week

It was a privilege to perform at Égoïsme's 3rd Anniversary Fashion Week, on Tuesday Nov 15th at the Art Monde Casual Fashion Show and on Thursday Nov 17th for the Festival of Lanterns Show, which was a show featuring a collaboration of Égoïsme and Gabriel.

From right to left, voice host Federica Galtier, Lexie Jansma Owner of Siren Productions, and Dj Thorn Andel

I got to play some very interesting music, the first show was about trance and the second was about epic musical scores. It was also great to work with the very talented Federica Galtier, voice host for both fashion shows. Having someone else on your stream is both unique and presents its own technical challenges for a live mixing DJ. Thank you Fede, you're the best!

A great big thank you also to Ramses Meredith from Égoïsme, especially for the wonderful clothing, I just love your creations!

Don't forget there is one more show this week on Friday 1-2pm SLT, the Night of the Golden Dragon Fashion Show followed by the Égoïsme Birthday Bash from 2-5pm SLT. It promises to be a wonderful fun celebration after a fabulous week of fashion.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Aqua Lounge Events, Thirsty Thursday with Thorn is tomorrow 4pm SLT


Feeling Thirsty for some Hot Partying with Cool Peeps and Tunes? Then Come on down to AquA Lounge at 4pm SLT for THE ALL NEW Thirsty Thursdays with DJ THORN, HOST ZORGDORG, and DANCER SLS for some fun that will quench your sexy Thirst for Lust. Sploder will be rocking and the People will be hopping.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Égoïsme 3rd Birthday! Come celebrate \0/

Join Égoïsme as they celebrate their 3rd Birthday! Everyday this week they will present an amazing exotic fashion show featuring Egoisme and its many partners including Gabriel and Rfyre. Meet the designers, spend time with the models, have fun on the amazing Égoïsme sim!

Catch your very own Dj Thorn spinning at two of these very special events, on Tuesday November 15th (today) at the Art Monde Casual Fashion Show 4-5pm SLT, and on Thursday November 17th 10-11am SLT at the Festival of Lanterns Show.


Mon. Nov. 14th 2011
11am-12pm SL Exotique: Evian Skin Odyssey
Sponsored By: Mandala

Tue. Nov. 15th, 2011
4-5pm SL Art Monde Casual Fashion Show

Wed. Nov. 16th, 2011
5-6pm SL Rfyre’s Black Swan Fashion Show
Sponsored by: EMOtions

Thur. Nov. 17th, 2011
10-11am SL Festival of Lanterns: An Égoïsme & Gabriel Voyage
Sponsored by: Gabriel

Fri. Nov. 18th, 2011
1-2pm SL Night of the Golden Dragon Fashion Show
Sponsored By: AMM Designs, Bare Rose, Bytegang Worlds, Inverted Horizons, Kisetsu, Kotora Blue, Milky House, Tukinowaguma.
2-5pm SL Égoïsme Birthday Bash

Egoisme Mainstore

Monday, 14 November 2011

All Male Fashion Show at White Palms Mall was a smash hit!

Yesterday was the All Male Fashion Show at White Palms Mall, an amazing fashion event featuring top male models in SL organised by Aires Hax and Brendon Heron. I was honoured to be the DJ for the event; as some of you know I DJ for alot of fashion shows in SL, giving me the opportunity to create all kinds of different soundscapes for these productions, but when I was asked to do club hits for yesterday's show I found that right up my alley!

On arriving at White Palms Mall the scene was set for a great show. The very finest male models were present, and the throngs of people started to arrive. After some typical SL weekend glitches the show eventually began, and what an incredible show it was!

I want to send a warm thank you to Lexie Jansma, owner of Siren Productions and one of SL's leading fashion producers, for stepping in as Show Director. Lexie is the best!

The sexy and marvellous models were Angelik Lavecchia, Maddox Kaestner, Bjorn Delphin, Brendon Heron, Cody Bolero, Didier Rascon, Gabe Bookmite, Garrett Ceriano, and Soulful Dreamscape. Professional as always and hitting their marks brilliantly, all looking gorgeous in outfits and accessories from top designers including SF Designs, Okey Designs, Extreme Design, Body of Man, amongst others.

Judging by the size of the crowd, estimating over 100 people coming and going and with an average constant attendance of over 40, the show was a smash hit, well deserving of the huge round of applause as the show drew to a close.

Thank you so much to Aires and Brendon for inviting me to DJ yesterday, it was a honour and pleasure to be involved and attend such a noteable event on the fashion calendar.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Gay Fashion Show at White Palms Mall, noon today!

All MALE Show With HOT HOT Models !
12 Noon SLT - Today - Sunday, 13 November
Dj Thorn Andel will play your favourite club hits!
Ms. Jambab Crystal is our Hostess


Saturday party at Zeus!

Here we are partying yesterday at Zeus Gay Club, at Thorn's new regular Saturday set. Yesterday's party was loads of fun, great party crowd and an awesome set from your DJ. You can catch Thorn partying here between 12-2pm SLT every week, and if you come along you are guaranteed a warm welcome and an excellent time. Thanks to Michelangelo, host Dene, and all the people who came along and made it such a fun event.

During the party Thorn handed out a fun little free gift he has made, a 'LIKE' board to wear over your head, so people can 'LIKE' you similar to facebook... when they click your sign it gives a cheeky message in open chat and a photograph of the wearer to the person who clicked you, we had some fun with that yesterday in the club. Thorn will be handing that gift out to all group members soon, if you want to join his group it's called 'Dj Thorns Electro Gypsies', he or I will be happy to add you, or just open his profile and join the group from there. Group members get a bunch of cool tags and fun freebies, as well as keeping up with all Thorn's sets across the grid!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Thirsty Thursday at Aqua Lounge!

Just a few pics from last night's Thirsty Thursday party, Dj Thorn's new regular set at Aqua Lounge. Aqua Lounge is a really cool venue with a long history on the SL grid, first opening it's doors to party goers over 4 years ago. The club itself looks great and is awesome to dance in, with a fun sexy crowd who love to chat and party.

It was a great time last night, thanks so much to Aqua Lounge owner DJ InsyX, host ZorgDorg, and to everyone who came along and hung out and partied. And don't forget you will find Thorn here every week from now on between 4-6pm SLT, so mark it on your calendar and come hang out with the grid's 'cheekiest monkey' ;) he'd love to see you there!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

new Thirsty Thursdays with DJ Thorn at Aqua Lounge!


Come on down to AquA Lounge Thursday for THE ALL NEW Thirsty Thursdays with DJ THORN and HOST ZORGDORG for some fun that will quench your sexy thirst for Lust. Sploder will be rocking and the people will be hopping.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Sunday Mash at Blue Zone SkyClub!

Last night Thorn was invited again to play at the Sunday Mash at Blue Zone SkyClub, the beautiful club owned by DJ Sasch Petrov. Sunday Mash is a unique party event that has two DJs working together and playing on the SAME stream. DJ Sasch and Dj Thorn threw us a great party yesterday, with lots of flirty fun banter between the DJs and with the crowd, and of course awesome tunes from both... brilliant mashups, anthems, and new tunes from both DJs kept the club rocking for over two hours of hot music and fun.

What a fantastic weekend for partying it has been! Thanks so much to DJ Sasch for inviting Thorn to play at Sunday Mash last night, and to everyone who came along and enjoyed this new kind of party, and made it such a good time.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Two great parties last night! Zeus Gay Club and Mystical Island Club!

What a brilliant night last night, with two awesome parties!

The first was Dj Thorn's début set at Zeus Gay Club, and it was so exciting for him to play this wonderful location for the first time in his DJ Career. Zeus Gay Club has a long history in Second Life, first opening it's doors in March of 2007, and since then remains one of the most popular gay clubs, as well as a meeting place and network for gay people in SL. The Greek styled club is spacious and beautiful to look at, and the crowd are friendly and great to party with! Thorn played a great set, the party was jumping! Thanks so much to owner Michelangelo Villota for inviting Thorn to play at the club, it was a really fun time. And you can catch Dj Thorn every Saturday at Zeus from now on, with his new regular set between 12 noon and 2pm SLT!

Our second party of the night was at the wonderful Mystical Island Club. It was such a cool, fun party! Another beautiful location, this is Thorn's second time of playing here and he loves DJing at this club. The crowd is great, the club looks amazing, and owners Web and Mandy, with host Hurtful and dancer Paul, are fabulous people to work with. Last night there was a 'Best Outfit in Blue' contest, as well as a random prize giver. Congratulations to the three winners of the contest! Okanagan Summers, Nelix Jupiter and JayAre Arlington, just goes to show with three winners how many hotties showed up to the party last night and how hard it is to choose between you all! Well done guys. It was another really fun party, with another great set from Thorn, lots of fun chat and a brilliant time.