Monday, 21 November 2011

Goodbye Tainted Boys, we will miss you!

Last night was Dj Thorn's final set at the beautiful Dorian Gray Club. After tonight (Tuesday) Adonis and Trace will close the doors for the final time, and the club will sadly be closing.

It was a good party with great music as we celebrated all our happy times there, and said goodbye to our friends and to Tainted Boys.

As anyone who has been around in SL for a while will know, Tainted Boys has a long history on the SL grid.

Over the years Adonis and Trace have rebuilt the club a number of times, always inventing new and exciting party venues for us to dance and have fun in. There have been shopping malls, beaches, a games room, a pool, gardens, a gallery. There have been live concerts, hundreds of themed parties and contests, holiday celebrations, and more than 800 DJ sets played over the years.

I am sure we are not alone in feeling sadness at the closure of Dorian Gray / Tainted Boys, it has a very special place in our, and many people's hearts. Adonis and Trace are professional, fun, caring, and friend to many of us, and for us there has been a Tainted Boys club as long as we have been on the SL Grid! Tainted Boys' place in the Gay Community and on the club scene is long standing and will be sorely missed. But in the words of Adonis...

"Ado (adonis.lubitsch): yeah...I can't believe it's 4 years ago (since opening) ....with many good DJ's...hosts...dancers...and nice guests :D But nothing is it's time to make a break :D
Who knows what the future will bring. We will see. But anyway...the next month will be without an SL club :D Maybe we come back...maybe not :D"

So while the future is unsure for the club, I am sure that everyone reading this will join us in thanking Adonis and Trace sincerely for all the wonderful times and great memories made with them over the years, for their friendship, and for their generosity in providing so many hours of fun for so many of us on the Grid.

We hope that they will be back again one day but in the meantime, best of luck to you both Adonis and Trace! And although the club will be gone the friendship remains, and we will always be glad for that. We love you and wherever your path leads next we wish you every happiness along the way.

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  1. Wow.. End of an era. I wish you guys the best in whatever you do next! JC