Monday, 14 November 2011

All Male Fashion Show at White Palms Mall was a smash hit!

Yesterday was the All Male Fashion Show at White Palms Mall, an amazing fashion event featuring top male models in SL organised by Aires Hax and Brendon Heron. I was honoured to be the DJ for the event; as some of you know I DJ for alot of fashion shows in SL, giving me the opportunity to create all kinds of different soundscapes for these productions, but when I was asked to do club hits for yesterday's show I found that right up my alley!

On arriving at White Palms Mall the scene was set for a great show. The very finest male models were present, and the throngs of people started to arrive. After some typical SL weekend glitches the show eventually began, and what an incredible show it was!

I want to send a warm thank you to Lexie Jansma, owner of Siren Productions and one of SL's leading fashion producers, for stepping in as Show Director. Lexie is the best!

The sexy and marvellous models were Angelik Lavecchia, Maddox Kaestner, Bjorn Delphin, Brendon Heron, Cody Bolero, Didier Rascon, Gabe Bookmite, Garrett Ceriano, and Soulful Dreamscape. Professional as always and hitting their marks brilliantly, all looking gorgeous in outfits and accessories from top designers including SF Designs, Okey Designs, Extreme Design, Body of Man, amongst others.

Judging by the size of the crowd, estimating over 100 people coming and going and with an average constant attendance of over 40, the show was a smash hit, well deserving of the huge round of applause as the show drew to a close.

Thank you so much to Aires and Brendon for inviting me to DJ yesterday, it was a honour and pleasure to be involved and attend such a noteable event on the fashion calendar.

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