Saturday, 19 November 2011

Friday party time!

Yesterday was a busy night for your DJ.

First we partied at the hot n sexy MegaWOOF, always a sexy and fun time with a great crowd on the floor. Thanks so much to everyone who came along last night and made it a wicked partytime, and of course thank you to naughty host Missy, who always extends a warm welcome to everyone and always has fun with us guys in the chat.

Later yesterday evening was Thorn's 2nd gig of the night, at the fabulous AquA Lounge.

Last night's party had a contest, 'sexiest in barely there'... WOOF! There were so many hotties on the floor in next to nothing that it's no surprise we ended with four winners who shared the split prize! Congrats guys.

All in all a brilliant Friday night!

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