Thursday, 17 November 2011

Égoïsme 3rd Anniversary Fashion Week

It was a privilege to perform at Égoïsme's 3rd Anniversary Fashion Week, on Tuesday Nov 15th at the Art Monde Casual Fashion Show and on Thursday Nov 17th for the Festival of Lanterns Show, which was a show featuring a collaboration of Égoïsme and Gabriel.

From right to left, voice host Federica Galtier, Lexie Jansma Owner of Siren Productions, and Dj Thorn Andel

I got to play some very interesting music, the first show was about trance and the second was about epic musical scores. It was also great to work with the very talented Federica Galtier, voice host for both fashion shows. Having someone else on your stream is both unique and presents its own technical challenges for a live mixing DJ. Thank you Fede, you're the best!

A great big thank you also to Ramses Meredith from Égoïsme, especially for the wonderful clothing, I just love your creations!

Don't forget there is one more show this week on Friday 1-2pm SLT, the Night of the Golden Dragon Fashion Show followed by the Égoïsme Birthday Bash from 2-5pm SLT. It promises to be a wonderful fun celebration after a fabulous week of fashion.

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