Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Monday party at The Bunker

Just a couple of quick pics from last night's party at the awesome venue that is The Bunker, Gay Fun World. Thorn's Monday set is always something to look forward to on the first day of the working week, and the party here is always fun. Sexy peeps and great music.

The last week has been hectic partyfest for Thorn, a total of 22 sets in one week! Between fashion week, his regular sets, a couple of private parties and the parties at Summerfest, that's ALOT of partying! Time for a well earned day off today. The party continues over at H67 CITY tomorrow, 2pm SLT. If you're not in the Sky group you can grab the SLurl from... yes... the SLurl page on this blog ;) See you tomorrow on the dance floor!

Thorn, with Host Thom Nexen

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