Sunday, 16 October 2011

Happy 3rd Rez Day Elijah!

Yesterday Spanki and I had the pleasure of attending the rez day party of Elijah Plutonian, who will be 3 years old in SL on Monday. Congrats Elijah!

Elijah (in blue) with his partner William

The theme of the party was 'Fancy Masquarade Ball', and everyone was dressed in their finery for the occasion. Elijah and his partner William looked wonderful in their outfits, and the location was very nicely decorated. DJ Jared Palianta, a long time friend of Elijah, was the DJ for the party, and played an enjoyable and entertaining set. And it was great to relax, dance and have fun with friends on such a happy occasion ㋡

Half way through the party some of Elijah's family and friends made a very entertaining birthday dance for him, and for us all. It's fair to say that after 3 years in SL, it gets harder to be taken by surprise by the things you see inworld; but the 'cake dance' that was performed yesterday was really impressive! The cake itself was designed and built by Sasha00 Laryukov, and the dance choreographed by Buster Biscuit. It began with the dancers performing around the edge of the cake, with William on the top tier, and half way through their performance candles rose up from out of the cake, and then the dancers were swinging around the candles like pole dancers! The fluidity of the animations was incredible, and the dance was really sexy and fun. What a great birthday treat, highly deserving of the huge round of applause it recieved from everyone watching.

Following the entertainment we moved from the garden area into the 'crown', and danced the rest of the night away inside. It was a great party, and once again I want to thank Elijah very much for inviting us to share in your celebrations, and wish you congratulations and a very happy 3rd rez day to you!

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