Monday, 24 October 2011

SUNDAY MASH at Blue Zone SkyClub was awesome!

What an awesome party last night at Blue Zone SkyClub! DJ Sasch and Dj Thorn, streaming live on one stream, and together totally rocking the club for two hours of hot music and fun.

DJ Sasch and Dj Thorn in da house!

Loads of you sexy guys and girls turned out for this unique event, and it was such a cool time. As well as being a new kind of party... 2 DJ's one stream... it was also Thorn's début at Blue Zone and so it was doubly exciting for him to play yesterday. The club itself is beautiful, at midnight setting it is stunning to look around at the build... the staircase leading down onto the dance floor, the lights, the night sky around us, it's an amazing place. And of course great music, and happy smiley people all around enjoying themselves make the picture complete. Thank you everyone who turned out for this event, you made it an incredible party! And big thanks to DJ Sasch for inviting Thorn to DJ with you at your club, and for making this party possible. Technologywise to bring two DJ's together to play for us on one stream is no easy thing. Awesome stuff!

SUNDAY MASH happens again in two weeks time, this time with DJ Sasch and DJ InsyX. Can't wait to check it out!

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