Saturday, 24 September 2011

One in a million designer challenge - first showcase at 2pm SLT today

From The Runway Cafe Blog ~

GOAL: Challenge designers to create an exciting new entire clothing ensemble for avatars. Open to all clothing designers for male and female avatars in SL.

PRIZES: 1 Million Lindens, 750K cash and 250K in advertising and promotion in some of SL’s popular publications for 2 months. This is awarded to the winner of the contest.

The following is a list of upcoming events for the One In A Million Designer Challenge.

Saturday, September 24 at 2:00 PM SLT
(Showcasing the first designs of all 24 designers)

SEMI-FINALS SHOW: Saturday, October 8 at 2:00 PM SLT
(Showcasing the second designs of all 24 designers)

PRE-FINALS PARTY: Thursday, October 13 – 3PM SLT
(Celebrating the 10 finalists)

LOCATION for the above events: Runway Cafe, Abruzzo

FINALS SHOW: Saturday, October 15 at 2PM SLT
LOCATION: Patch Thibaud Auditorium

Join in the celebration and show your support for these talented designers.

Sponsored by:
BOSL Magazine
Maniera Magazine
BeStyle Magazine
TOO SEXY Magazine
ICON Magazine
InWorld Life Style Magazine

Runway Cafe Team:
Alix Abruzzo, CEO
Nino Heartsdale, Director
Jena Adder, Producer

Friday, 23 September 2011

Special day at Wicked Wednesday! Happy rezday Avacar

Wednesday's party at Stonewall Main station was awesome! Thorn's regular 'Wicked Wednesday' set was extra special this week, as we were celebrating the 1st rezday of Avacar Bluestar. Host Missy and Thorn put their heads together and decorated the club nice for the occasion, and many many people came out to help Avacar celebrate his special day, the club was packed out for the entire event. It was a great party, so much fun! And once again happy rezday wishes to Avacar, from Thorn and from me too, thanks so much for partying with us at Stonewall! It was a true honour. And we hope that the next year brings you all good things and lots of happiness.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Who got lucky on Monday?! ;D

Monday's party at Dorian Gray was another super busy, fun event. And something really cool happened during the party too! Regi Yifu, owner of Regimade, came by the party, and gave one lucky guest at the party the chance to win one of his new 'Fuckin' Cloud 69' gay sex engines, worth $L4600! All we had to do was play the sploder, and the winner of the highest amount also got to win the prize from Regi. How cool was that? And the very lucky winner of the impromtu contest was sexy Sag! (sagx.lionheart). Big congratulations to him, and enjoy your prize ;)

For those of you who were not lucky enough to win on Monday, you don't have to miss out... you can find the NEW all gay Regimade Fuckin' Products [Gay Sex Engines] at Warehaus #69, or the Regimade Store on Marketplace (login because it is adult):

As a lucky owner of one of these superb sex engines I would highly recommend checking them out. Gettin down in the clouds is only one of the imaginative builds on offer, and just the beginning of the fun in store when you hop on the balls and get busy. You will find lots of new poses within the menus, and the animations are sexy and smooth. The sex poses have a good variety of pace, ranging from slow and intimate through to hot, hard n horny slammin sex, there is a sequence menu and 3sum menu too. For those of you who love to cuddle there is a really nice selection to choose from, sometimes really awesome sex engines can disappoint with their cuddles options, but this engine won't let you down whether you wanna get sensual, get dirty, get a party going and get wild! Or just cuddle up and chill. This is taking up permanent residence in our place, that's for sure ;)

So while your new sex engine is gonna be hard to part from, don't forget that you can catch Thorn partying at Regimade Warehaus #69 every Monday between 7-9pm SLT, as he continues to break into the American time zone. It was a fantastic party this Monday night with Ty and Regi and the whole gang... great guys on the floor ready to party and out to have the most fun, with loads of cheeky chat and banter. Well, what else would you expect with the cheekiest monkey on the grid on the stream ;)

Friday, 16 September 2011

'Sexy Beach Hunk' Photo Contest at White Sands! \0/

Ok guys, there is a hot photo contest going on at White Sands, with the winner to be announced in two weeks time. All you have to do is get your sexiest beach picture of yourself, grab the ride to the club, and drop it in the contest board. The guy with the most votes by Thursday 29th September, 5pm SLT, will win 3000L$!

There are already some very sexy contestants up on the board waiting for your votes, and room for lots more of you sexy beach hunks to get your picture up there! So what you waiting for? Get on over to White Sands, go into the Temple Nightclub and enter :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

inWorld LifeStyle Magazine Vol.5

Catch Thorn on page 83 of this month's issue...

Read all about Martini & Couture World Rave Party 2011 on page 13 where you will be able to catch Thorn DJing this weekend... \0/

Lots of other interesting news and articles too!

Party pics

Who knew you could look forward to Mondays? But Monday means party time with Thorn at Dorian Gray! We had another awesome time again here this week, with a great crowd, fantastic music from your DJ, a really fun two hours in an amazing location. If you didn't check this Monday party out yet, mark it on your to-do list as URGENT ;)

Next up a couple of pics from Thorn's regular Wednesday set at Stonewall main station. Another great bunch of people, lots of fun flirty chat, more brilliant tunes from your DJ. What more can you ask for? Good times! :D

Tonight we party at the Temple Gay Club, at the wonderful White Sands gay sim and mall. Another great location where the owners go out of their way to lay on superb parties every week for all of us. Grab your VIP ride in group notices and catch Thorn on the dance floor tonight between 3-5pm SLT :))

Thursday, 8 September 2011

BOSL Fashion Week 2011: PRESS RELEASE



Wicked Wednesday at Stonewall!

Yesterday we had a really cool party at Stonewall Main Station, Gay Fun World! Fun flirty chat, great crowd in a party mood, and of course a massively awesome set from your DJ. Missy was the hostess with mostest, and everyone partied hard! Brilliant night at Stonewall \0/ And we do it every week from 1-3pm SLT!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mega Monday!

Mega Monday at Regimade Warehaus #69 was a great party, with 2 hours of fast n loose heavy electro from yours truly, and a great crowd on the floor. Loving playing and partying at this club on Monday nights, thanks so much Regi and Ty!

I am back at Regimade Warehaus #69 next Monday, 7-9pm SLT. Hope to see you there!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Fun party at Dorian Gray!

A couple of pictures from last night's party at Dorian Gray Club. It was so much fun! A busy and fun party, chatty and friendly people on the dance floor. Thorn had a new host last night also, Jesse, sexy and nice guy.

It's always so much fun to party at Dorian Gray, Ado and Trace the owners made a beautiful club and are always very welcoming. They also have some stores available for rent over there at their land now, so if you want a popular place to sell your stuff it's definitely worth giving them a shout to check it out.

Thorn is back at Dorian Gray next Monday, 12 noon SLT. Hope to see you on the dance floor!