Thursday, 15 September 2011

Party pics

Who knew you could look forward to Mondays? But Monday means party time with Thorn at Dorian Gray! We had another awesome time again here this week, with a great crowd, fantastic music from your DJ, a really fun two hours in an amazing location. If you didn't check this Monday party out yet, mark it on your to-do list as URGENT ;)

Next up a couple of pics from Thorn's regular Wednesday set at Stonewall main station. Another great bunch of people, lots of fun flirty chat, more brilliant tunes from your DJ. What more can you ask for? Good times! :D

Tonight we party at the Temple Gay Club, at the wonderful White Sands gay sim and mall. Another great location where the owners go out of their way to lay on superb parties every week for all of us. Grab your VIP ride in group notices and catch Thorn on the dance floor tonight between 3-5pm SLT :))

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