Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Who got lucky on Monday?! ;D

Monday's party at Dorian Gray was another super busy, fun event. And something really cool happened during the party too! Regi Yifu, owner of Regimade, came by the party, and gave one lucky guest at the party the chance to win one of his new 'Fuckin' Cloud 69' gay sex engines, worth $L4600! All we had to do was play the sploder, and the winner of the highest amount also got to win the prize from Regi. How cool was that? And the very lucky winner of the impromtu contest was sexy Sag! (sagx.lionheart). Big congratulations to him, and enjoy your prize ;)

For those of you who were not lucky enough to win on Monday, you don't have to miss out... you can find the NEW all gay Regimade Fuckin' Products [Gay Sex Engines] at Warehaus #69, or the Regimade Store on Marketplace (login because it is adult):

As a lucky owner of one of these superb sex engines I would highly recommend checking them out. Gettin down in the clouds is only one of the imaginative builds on offer, and just the beginning of the fun in store when you hop on the balls and get busy. You will find lots of new poses within the menus, and the animations are sexy and smooth. The sex poses have a good variety of pace, ranging from slow and intimate through to hot, hard n horny slammin sex, there is a sequence menu and 3sum menu too. For those of you who love to cuddle there is a really nice selection to choose from, sometimes really awesome sex engines can disappoint with their cuddles options, but this engine won't let you down whether you wanna get sensual, get dirty, get a party going and get wild! Or just cuddle up and chill. This is taking up permanent residence in our place, that's for sure ;)

So while your new sex engine is gonna be hard to part from, don't forget that you can catch Thorn partying at Regimade Warehaus #69 every Monday between 7-9pm SLT, as he continues to break into the American time zone. It was a fantastic party this Monday night with Ty and Regi and the whole gang... great guys on the floor ready to party and out to have the most fun, with loads of cheeky chat and banter. Well, what else would you expect with the cheekiest monkey on the grid on the stream ;)

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