Monday, 23 January 2012


I get asked to come do club gigs all the time. Whether they are large or small my first inclination is to say, yes. Then of course the realization that booking is easier said then done. With a couple regular scheduled dates each week, the radio gig, not to mention all the fashion stuff that is booked sometimes month or more in advance, bookings can be dreadfully difficult. But when a mate rings you to ask if you would do his club it is even more dreadful. It’s not just my schedule but also theirs as well.

“So sorry Thorn, I have to cancel this Sunday :( ”

That was the message I received this week and my brain when straight away to …”hey Frankee mate, you still want me?” \o/

The day finally arrives; the stream is smoking … loaded with the hottest mixes as the club begins to fill up. It’s a pleasure to be at old friends club and what a beautiful club it is. We did 2 hours of new club remixes, then I killed the mic and live mixed a fat hour-long set of deep underground UK electro.

I want to everyone who came through and a special shout out of thanks with much love to
Queen’s Club owners Scaciota Sparta & Frank Bremer.


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