Thursday, 29 December 2011

InWorld Magazine vol.8 December 2011

Here is my latest article for InWorld.

Someone asked me about how I selected the mixes for my ‘Top Ten Mixes’, so I wanted to reply here.

My ‘Top Ten’ was never a list of the best trax or even on the current charts, it is simple the mixes and trax that I am currently digging and playing in most of my sets. But like all the DJ’s I know, I am on the unending quest for that next trax!

I do hope you enjoy the mix.

With Love,

Your eXtra Cheeky Monkey,


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Huge Boxing day party at Spurt Beach Club!

Hey everyone, we hope you are enjoying the holidays.

We had a massive 'Boxing Day' party at Spurt Beach Club yesterday! After too much food, drink and Christmas re-runs on TV, we definitely needed to get up out of our chairs and shake it on the dance floor!

The beach was jam packed with hotties, at one point over 60 hot, sweaty, naked men were out there on the floor and spread out over the sand. It was awesome party, with great tunes from your DJ as he mixed up the best tunes from 2011 with all the best new stuff and club anthems. Thanks once more to the Owner Atty Hammerer, and to Aires Hax (General Manager), for hosting such fantastic parties over there at their sexy beach sim.

A quick congratulations also to the top three winners of the 'Sexy Santa' photo contest. There were so many hot entrants, but in the end first place went to Garrett Ceriano, in second place was Vinicius Mortensen and in third CELOGOSTOSO Barcelos. Well done guys! I'm sure everyone will be queueing up to sit on Santa's lap when he is as sexy as these three guys ;)

Celebrating the holidays has been so much fun at Spurt Beach Club, but if you missed yesterday's Monday party, Thorn will be back at the beach again on Friday, 6-8pm SLT, and of course every Monday from noon-2pm SLT. Can't wait to see you there!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas thoughts and wishes from us to everyone

Dear blog friends,

For some of you it might be Christmas Day already, for some of you it's very close. Whatever the Christmas season means to you, whether you celebrate the day as a religious celebration or just as a day to spend with friends and family, one thing that Christmas time is great for is bringing people together.

All around SL lately there have been parties, celebrations, charity events, and other festivities. People thinking of others, wishing each other happiness and good cheer, dressing up and having fun. And of course, behind the pixels are thousands of real people, sending out those positive vibes and good wishes and receiving them in return. You can't help but be affected by that positivity. This unique time of year when 'good will to all men' becomes action, and we have the chance to feel united with others in kindness and celebration. Even more amazing when that occurs in the virtual space.

Our SL world is a strange and wonderful place. Our virtual friends and SL family can become as dear to us as our RL ones. People from all over the globe blessing our lives in ways you could never imagine the first day you hit the 'sign up' button. If we are alone in RL, that blessing is magnified and a real comfort during holidays and other special times. It's really an incredible gift of modern life. Friendship is friendship and love is love, even if there may be some people who can't understand the 'realness' of virtual relationships. We are the lucky ones, the internet generation, reaching out all over the world and finding friendship and love. The only thing we have to do is reach out.

In the end we are all the same, flesh and blood vulnerable human beings, full of hopes and fears. In many ways, the Christmas season seems to help us remember our similarities and not our differences. When we wish others happiness, when we wish for peace and for a better year than the one before, we don't discriminate. We wish this for our great global family on planet Earth. And once we have opened up our hearts and embraced our global family, we should know that none of us are really alone at all.

And so whoever you are, wherever you are, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we wish you a happy day from our hearts to yours, and that those good wishes continue into a happy and peaceful 2012 and beyond.

Happy Christmas with love, from Spanki and Thorn.

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Sitting around wondering what to do tonight? Not feeling particularly up for the club party scene? Wanting to get in the Christmas mood? Then here is an ideal evening out. Theatre On The Hill presents a brilliant time for all with a live stage performance of their Christmas Musical Show.

Starring; Oliver Elton, Silvano Korobase, Selena Massivitus, Twerton Writer, Zane Littlething, Benard Ubert, Louie Bisiani , NoBody Teardrop, Jeppe - Jean-Leonard, Immerdar Fredriksson and Othon Weiland.

Spanki and I enjoyed this show very much last evening when we attended TOTH for the first time in SL. We intend to go back much more often in future to this beautiful Victorian styled Theatre. Songs and music we enjoyed yesterday included a wide mix of styles and genres, from Ella Fitzgerald to Opera, we especially liked 'Franz Gruber - Stille Nacht', 'Peter Szabo Szilvia - The Little Drummer Boy,' 'Bach, J.S. - Weihnachtsoratorium Cantata No. 1 - Großer Herr, o starker König', amongst others. We would recommend this show and Theatre Company, and there is still a chance to catch the Christmas show tomorrow (Friday) at 1pm SLT.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

New Euro timed party at Spurt Beach club was awesome!

We had a great party at Spurt Beach Club yesterday, a new European timed party for Dj Thorn at this awesome location, Mondays 12-2pm SLT.

We had the funny and festive theme of 'Cock in the Box' or 'Best Naughty Santa', with 2000L$ up for grabs for the winner. The 'Cock in the Box' was a funny free gift from your DJ which is basically a Xmas present you wear over your junk, and if people click the box they get a suprise or two ;) Well we all like surprises at Xmas don't we! But with a choice of theme there was a big variety of outfits on the dance floor, lots of naughty Santas and plenty of naked. It was a super sexy fun flirty crowd, and the party was packed out and rocking from beginning to end.

When it came to find out the winner of the contest, it was a very close! But the prize was won in the end by Marccello Tachor (CELOGOSTOSO Barcelos), congratulations to him. And talking of contests, there is also another big one going on right now at Spurt Beach for 'Sexy Santa' with a prize of 10,000$L to be split between the top three winners. You can see the photo contest board behind the dance floor in the picture below, and there is still time to enter guys, and also to vote for who you think is the hottest, sexiest Santa on the board. Good luck choosing between all that hot man flesh, luckily on this occasion you can vote for as many guys as you want. Go check it out!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Monday party at Spurt Beach! 12 noon SLT

Hey all! Join Dj Thorn at Spurt Beach Club for a new Monday party, 12 noon to 2pm SLT. There is a L$2000 contest with the theme 'Cock in the Box' or 'Best Naughty Santa', winner takes all!

You will find the 'Cock in the Box' to buy for free at the party, a little gift from your DJ \0/ So get naughty, get creative, get naked! Come and have fun with the hottest crowd in SL!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

This weekend's parties, Spurt Beach Club and Zeus!

Two great parties this weekend! The first was Friday night at Spurt Beach Club, where we had the funny theme of 'Santa Cock Sock' or Christmas Thong, with 2000L$ on the board for the winner.

Everyone got into the spirit of the theme with funny and festive costumes, lots of the guys wore the 'Santa Cock Sock' gift from DJ Thorn. It was another busy party at this great location, so many sexy guys and a lot of fun. Owner Atty could not attend the party this week as he had RL, but sent his love and greetings. Our host this week was Hurtfulsplash Solis, sliding up and down the dance pole and doing a great job as always. And we had three winners of the contest! Congrats to Giovan Rexie, Jeff Ellsworth and AlexJ Magic who split the prize between them. It was a fantastic party, thanks so much to Atty, and to everyone who came along and took part.

Saturday's party was at the awesome Zeus Gay Club, for Dj Thorn's regular 12 noon-2pm SLT set. It was a really fun time, lots of funny chat and of course great tunes from your DJ.

The club is nicely decorated for Christmas, and everyone was in a great party mood. Thanks to Owner Michelangelo who also hosted for Thorn this week, we love partying at Zeus Club! And thank you to everyone who came along, especially you 'Electro Gypsies', your support is always greatly appreciated :)

Don't forget that Winter Fashion week is going on this week, you can read all about it here, and hit Thorn up for the LM if you want to go along, there is still time to catch some shows!

Friday, 9 December 2011

What's in your stocking?! Party at Spurt Beach tonight!

Hey all! Join Dj Thorn at Spurt Beach Club tonight 6 to 8pm SLT. There is a L$2000 contest tonight with the theme ‘Santa Cock Sock’ (or Christmas Thong), winner takes all!

Need a festive Cock Sock to enter? no worries guys, you will find one to buy for free at the party, a little gift from your DJ \0/ So come and have fun with the sexiest Friday night crowd in SL!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

2 great weekend parties! Blue Zone Club and Mystical Island Club

Firstly just a couple of pics from Saturday's event at Mystical Island Club. We had a great party, the theme was 'Fire and Ice' and there were some pretty inventive costumes out there! And lots of sexies on the dance floor. Congrats to the winners of the contest, Gus Wiley and Laurent Schnute, and thanks so much to Websnake and Mandy for another awesome time at their beautiful club.

On Sunday was 'Sunday Mash' at Blue Zone SkyClub! A unique party event that has two DJs working together and playing on the SAME stream. DJ Sasch and Dj Thorn threw us another fabulous party, with lots of fun chat and great music from both DJs. The floor was packed with hotties from beginning to end and it was a brilliant party.

Thanks so much once again to DJ Sasch for inviting Thorn to play at Sunday Mash, and to everyone who came along and enjoyed this new kind of party, and made it such a great night!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


My début party was a giant success with over 87 of the sexiest guys in Second Life coming through Spurt Beach on Friday!

The party was really lively with over 35 guys in constant attendance, making for a fun evening for everyone. I was happy for the opportunity to meet and make new friends, and grateful as always to see a lot of my cheeky 'Electro Gypsies' show up to support me.

I want to thank 'Spurt Beach Boss' Atty Hammerer for not only hosting this wonderful party, but for giving me the opportunity to play a regular set on Friday nights at his wickedly awesome male-only Gay beach.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Sunday Mash is a unique party event that has two DJs working together and playing on the SAME stream. Join DJ Sasch and Dj Thorn today at Blue Zone Skyclub... two GREAT DJ's, great music, and loads of fun! Kicks off at 2pm SLT \0/

Friday, 2 December 2011


I hope you all come to my début party at Spurt Beach Club tonight 6 to 8pm SLT. This is a new venue for me and I will be DeeJaying there every Friday night.

There is a L$2000 contest tonight with the theme ‘Best in Swimwear’, winner takes all.

This is beautiful gay beach community with a fantastic mall offering the finest in men’s needs.

Hope to see you there. ㋡

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Let us never forget them that suffered; and left us to honor their memories by dedicating ourselves to the eradication of this dreadful disease.
I will be send a couple free "World Aids Day" gifts in my group today, if your not in my group and would like a copy of the gift. just send me an IM. (even if I am off line)