Wednesday, 7 December 2011

2 great weekend parties! Blue Zone Club and Mystical Island Club

Firstly just a couple of pics from Saturday's event at Mystical Island Club. We had a great party, the theme was 'Fire and Ice' and there were some pretty inventive costumes out there! And lots of sexies on the dance floor. Congrats to the winners of the contest, Gus Wiley and Laurent Schnute, and thanks so much to Websnake and Mandy for another awesome time at their beautiful club.

On Sunday was 'Sunday Mash' at Blue Zone SkyClub! A unique party event that has two DJs working together and playing on the SAME stream. DJ Sasch and Dj Thorn threw us another fabulous party, with lots of fun chat and great music from both DJs. The floor was packed with hotties from beginning to end and it was a brilliant party.

Thanks so much once again to DJ Sasch for inviting Thorn to play at Sunday Mash, and to everyone who came along and enjoyed this new kind of party, and made it such a great night!

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