Sunday, 31 July 2011

PRESS RELEASE: The Men 24 event - August 19th to 27th 2011

24 Menswear Designers...
4 Amazing Hair Designers...
4 Wonderful Skin Artists...
4 Fabulous Accessory Designers...
1 Week...

Only one thing to decide....
Will you be an Individual?

KMADD, Menstuff, and Virtual World Network along with Siren Productions are excited to bring you The Men 24. This wonderful event takes place August 19th-27th, 2011. 24 amazing menswear designers have come together by invitation only to create Exclusive Limited Edition Outfits. Joining them are 4 prominent Skin Designers, 4 Accessory Designers, and 4 Hair Designers creating limited edition exclusive hair, skins, and accessories all for the gentlemen of Second Life!

Join us for an opening fashion show on August 19th 2011, 11am-12 noon SLT, as we display all of the Exclusive Limited Edition Outfits on the Runway as Virtual World Network films the entire show to be Broadcast on their network.

If you missed it the first time we will repeat the entire show August 24th, 2011 6-7pm SL. We have a load of treats instore including industry parties with all of our Media Partners KMADD, Avenue, Maniera, Scruplz, Peoplz, ICON, Too Sexy. Secondnights, and Pure Magazine. Wonderful exclusive fashion shows, entertainers, and great events are just the tip of the ice berg!

Be distinctive, show your own personal style, and be original! All of the outfits you see will be up for sale with only 107 being produced. 100 to be sold to the general public, 5 for bloggers & magazines, and 2 for models. You can find more details on the event including, biographies of the designer, headshots, calendar, and all the latest details at Second Nights.

Menswear Designers
1. Shiki
Designer: Shinichi Mathy
2. The Black Canary
Designer: Morrigan Denimore
3. Egoisme
Designer: Ramses Meredith
4. Legal Insanity
Designer: DATRIP Blackbart
5. Gabriel
Designer: Takuya Jinn
6. Connors
Designer: Salah Axel
7. A:S:S
Designers: Photos Nikolaidis & Storm Torvalar
8. !HaVoK!
Designer: Guapo Hansome
9. Gizza Creations
Designers: Giz Seorn & Auster Elan
10. Ohara
Designer: Ohara Portal
11. The Brocade Tiger
Designer: Lexi Vargas
12. Rfyre
Designer: Raven Pennyfeather
13. Baiastice
Designer: Sissy Pessoa
14. FA Creations
Designer: Halieetus Westland
15. Vero Modero
Designer: Bouquet Babii
16. Zanzo
Designer: Theodore Ducasse
17. Razorblade Jacket:
Designer: Kehl Razor
18. Lazybum:
Designer: Luciano Enoch
19. Blackswan
Designer: Phillip Dolliner
20. Verve
Designer: Atomicsparkle Skytower
21. Menlosophy
Designer: Ziamela Loon
22. Harding & Dobbs English Tailor
Designer: Stetson Lane
23. Faster Pussycat
Designer: Honey Bender
24. House of Europe
Designer: Didier Rascon

Skin Designers
1. Belleza
Designer: Tricky Boucher
2. Lavie
Designer: Pompeja Rossini
3. Prodigal
Designer: Ry0ta Exonar
4. Birth
Designers: Silent Alchemi & Iris Redfield

Hair Designers
1. Taketomi
Designer: Sheikra Bakhtar
Designer: Maddox Dupont & Kirk Claymore
3. Shag
Designer: Sebastien Aries
4. Zeus
Designer: Fuu Sohl

Accessory Designers
1. Adjunct
Designer: Myvegancookbook Bolissima
2. [Acide!]
Designer: Acide Innovia
3. Kari
Designer: Menno Ophelia
Designer: Jori Watler

Contact Person: Lexie Jansma

Saturday, 30 July 2011


A few pictures from last night's awesome megaWOOF! party at Gay Fun World. If you didn't check out this party yet, you really need to grab the ride and get over there, and kick your weekend off with some high energy, sexy, fun, fabulous party people and awesome DJs! Thorn kicked off the two hour party last night from 2-3pm SLT, DJ Ado took the stream for the second hour. What a great party, hosted as always by the delicious MissK. Good times!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

'White' party at the Temple!

The Temple Gay Club at White Sands was a vision in white tonight as everyone showed up in their clean, shiny outfits for the 'Best in White' theme. It was a really good party, The Temple club is a beautiful venue and the crowd is always friendly and fun. Thorn played a great set, did one or two requests, as well as a little tribute to Amy Winehouse (RIP).

With so many hotties on the floor, it was hard to pick just one person to vote for! But we did have a winner, congratulations to the winner of the contest trailblazer1 Resident who went home $L1500 richer! When he found out he had won he said he 'felt like he was floating in clouds'... so that was nice to see such a happy winner. And floating on clouds seems like a heavenly feeling that's relevant to the theme! :D Well done Trail :D

1st set for DJ Thorn at Dorian Gray!

Yesterday was Thorn's first set at the beautiful Dorian Gray Club, the newest club of Tainted Boys. It was so much fun, Thorn played an awesome set stuffed full of new tunes, and the crowd was great, happy chatty sexy people shakin their asses on the dance floor \0/ Not forgetting sexy RonTim up on the dance pole, what a hottie! ^^ It was a really enjoyable two hours, and then following Thorn was the amazing DJ InsyX, keepin the party jumping for another two hours of hot tunes and fun. Here are a few pictures from Thorn's set, and he will be back at Dorian Gray next Wednesday, 12 noon SLT :D

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Regi Yifu's 4th Rezday!

On Saturday night we celebrated Regi Yifu's 4th Rezday at the Grand Opening of his latest venture, 'REGIMADE WAREHAUS #69'! As promised it was an awesome event, a massive 11 hours of musical goodness from 5 top DJ's, kicking off at 1pm SLT with DJ TomTom, DJ GMJorge following him, then DJ Thorn, DJ Hotboy, and last but not least, DJ Yifu. What a line up! The floor was packed all night, congrats to Regi on a successful opening and a very happy rezday to you!

Here are a few pictures taken during Thorn's set \0/


Friday night megaWOOF! party at Gay Fun World is always a rockin party, and last night's party was HOT! DJ Ado kicked off the party with an amazing set, working the crowd up with a bag of high energy tracks, DJ Thorn took the stream for the second hour and kept things wild and sexy with another awesome selection of tunes. It was a great party! Busy, sexy, and a really fun time! Here is a bunch of pictures of all the sexy peeps on the floor last night. WOOF!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Thursday Party at White Sands

Another great party at The Temple, White Sands last night. No theme this week, just great music, fun people, good atmosphere, and the sploder was popping all night! You can join Thorn at White Sands every Thursday between 3-5pm SLT, watch notices to find out if we will be in the club or on the beach.

Monday, 18 July 2011

2nd Moolto Sisters Hunt - Styling Contest!

From 1st-31st June, Moolto* Sisters hunted for the second time through all the grid for great prizes from top designers... clothes, shoes, hairs, skins, poses, shapes, and accessories.

From 1st-10th July participants in the hunt were invited to post full body pictures of themselves in the Moolto Sisters group page, showing their best mix-n-match abilities, originality, elegance, or even humour, using items picked up from the hunt. Contestants were asked to outline the brands used in the styling, including accessories and poses used. Twelve chosen contestants from all those entries recieved took to the runway at Runway Cafe yesterday to show their styling, and talk about the brands and choices they made for their entry outfits. Independent judges cast their votes, and public voting on Moolto is now open following yesterday's event, until the closing date for voting of July 30th. There are some great prizes to be won, 1st Place will recieve L$5,000 + feature in MORE Magazine, and 2nd Place will recieve L$2,500 + feature in MORE Magazine.

Following the runway event yesterday there was a great after-party held for the Cast and Guests at the Runway Cafe, with DJ Thorn streaming live a hot electro fashion set, and hosted by Angelik Rascon Lavecchia, (Face of Moolto 2011, Mister Peru 2011). Among many of the notable guests attending was Riviera Medier, Lovely Menna (LovelyMiwako7399 Menna), and Ramses Meredith. And now we must wait until the end of the month to find out who will be the 2nd Moolto Fashionista!

The next hunt is the SEPTEMBER HUNT - 1st-30th - and this time it's FOR MALES TOO! More news as it comes, for the result of the winner of this month's styling contest, and for the hunt in September. Any designers or design brands that are interested in participating in the next hunt should contact MAXES LOON, (CEO of - MORE MAGAZINE), as soon as possible to register, and get a hunt kiosk from the Moolto staff. (Send note card, friendship and IM inworld to Maxes Loon).

*Moolto is a Social Network (like Facebook) designed for Second Life Avatars.

Wild West Party at The Temple!

On Saturday night we had a cool party at The Temple Nightclub, White Sands. The theme was 'Wild West', with $L2000 on the board for the best outfit. Lots of you took part and there were some great outfits out there on the floor! Thorn played a great set, took some requests, and kept the party jumping from start to finish. It was a really fun and energetic party, and congratulations to the winner of the contest TomasRoss Resident who went home $L2000 richer. Way to go Tomas!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

New portrait

wow!!! I am not sure what else I can say.
The very talented Falbala Fairey’s JRF (Japan Relief Fund) photo project to raise awareness and funds for the peoples of Japan after the devastation. Thank You Falbala! ㋡

Party at H67 CITY!

Some pictures from last night's party at H67 CITY. Great crowd here last night, sexy and fun. It's always a pleasure to dance at this beautiful SIM. Thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a cool, fun party!

*•.¸♥¸.•* lollypop *•.¸♥¸.•*

Just a few pics from Thorn's set at the aRSEnal on Tuesday. Thorn plays at the aRSEnal roughly once a month at their Lollypop event, where a different DJ will spin live for the crowd each week. Tuesday was a busy, fun party, it's always lively at this club and a good time, or as the tagline for this event goes, candy for your ears and pleasure mounted on a stick!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Studs at The Bunker

Some shots from last night's party at The Bunker. This party was a lot of fun with lively sexy chat, great music from Thorn, and wall to wall hot men pumping and grinding their sweaty bodies to the fat tunes from the DJ. But I'll let the photos do the talking ;)
Catch Thorn's set every Monday night at The Bunker, Gay Fun World, 1-3pm SLT. You won't be disappointed.