Monday, 4 July 2011

Gay Island Resort Club, and MENstuff hunt party!

Sunday was a good day for partying! The first of two parties for DJ Thorn yesterday was at Gay Island Resort, a clothing-optional SIM with beautiful tropical beaches, stores, and a residential area. The club sits at the water's edge, surrounded by beach and palm trees, a great place to dance, chat, and chill. Thorn played a great set and it was a really enjoyable party with a friendly, sexy crowd of people.

In the evening, the second party of the day was the celebration of the end of the MENstuff hunt. We headed over to the MENstuff lounge and partied on the beach. Half way through the party we learned that through a combination of peoples and judges votes, Dancing Veeper was the winner of the MENstuff contest. The contest was to put together and photograph an outfit from gifts found on the hunt. Dancing got great comments from the judges for his use of colour and the composition of his photograph, as well as his outfit which was described as 'casually chic and oh so sexy'. Congrats to Dancing on his well deserved victory. It was very cool to be part of the hunt's closing celebrations, and as DJ Thorn emphasised, big thanks must go out to Ivy Maverick, Rob Moonites and the MENstuff team for all their hard work to make it happen, and to all the designers who put out such fantastic gifts for this year's hunt.

All in white, the winner of the MENstuff hunt contest Dancing Veeper

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