Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Mega Monday at Regimade Warehaus #69!

Last night was my first 'Mega Monday' party at Regimade Warehaus #69. It was an awesome party, with a great crowd for my breakthrough American set! Thanks to Regi Yifu for having me over there to his brilliant club, it was a great time! And you can party with me from now on, every week on Mondays, at Regimade Warehaus #69, 7-9pm SLT... Mega Monday with yours truly :D

Sunday, 28 August 2011

30th DJ Night is Today!! Happy anniversary DJ World and Club aRSEnal \0/

Yes, this massive, awesome party happens today! Be prepared to party through the night as 12 incredible DJs tear up the stream with fantastic music and DJ smexyness from 10am-10pm SLT today. DJs are hot! And this line up is gona make you sweat ;) Kicking off with your very own cheeky monkey, DJ Thorn, at 10am SLT!

And yes, the rumours are true. You can win your very own hot DJ from this incredible lineup for your own private party or event just by being there. How cool is that?!

The 12 hour musicfest is being held at Club aRSEnal, which you will know celebrates its 4th Anniversary this weekend too! Here are a couple of pics from DJ Sasch's set on Friday night. What a great party that was \0/ Good times!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Party at the Temple \0/

Yesterday we had a really cool party at the Temple! The club was packed out with sexy guys, Thorn played an outstanding set, the mood was high and happy, it was an awesome time! \0/ Here are a couple of pics from the party last night, if you didn't get over to The Temple yet you really should check it out, it's a great place to party, and you can catch Thorn there every Thursday between 3-5pm SLT.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A double celebration!

This weekend we had the pleasure of attending the RL birthday celebration in SL of a very lovely lady, Agy Lane. Her husband arranged a wonderful party for her, and asked Thorn to be the DJ for the occasion. The location was beautiful, with lovely surroundings and birthday decorations, and many of the couples friends were present to wish Agy many happy returns, and celebrate her special day.

During the party there was a second surprise that Agy was not suspecting. Half way through the party, her husband Tesan led her to cut her birthday cake, and then as they stood at the table he got down on one knee to propose to her and ask if she would marry him again! She was very surprised and happy, and of course said yes, she would love to renew her vows. And so they went to the outdoor wedding chapel, hidden away at the back of the garden, prepared in advance by Tesan as a surprise.

It was a very lovely double celebration! Congratulations to Agy and Tesan on the renewal of their partnership, and many happy returns to Agy for her birthday too. Here is a picture of the magic moment when Tesan proposed to Agy. Aww :D

If you wish to hire DJ Thorn for your party, wedding, event or celebration, you can contact Spanki Moulliez for details and to book!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Mens 24! Opening show and info for the week

Federica Galtier and myself during the show

Mens 24 Opening Show runway and stunning set

Yesterday I had the honour of DJing at the opening show and after-party of The Mens 24, an exciting week of fashion from the creators of Menswear Fashion Week, Siren Productions, and sponsored by KMADD, Menstuff, and Virtual World Network.

Host and on-air personality, Federica Galtier, joined me on air* on my stream, welcoming us all to the show, and then talking us through each stunning outfit as the models took to the runway. And so we got a first look at a wonderful selection of limited edition exclusive outfits, skins, accessories and hair, created by some of the best designers in SL, as well as up-and-coming, and brand new talent. My set for the show reflected the 'film noir' theme for the opening, with a hand picked selection of beautiful music from cinema / film.

The show was recorded for broadcast by Virtual World Network, and if you happened to miss the opening, there is another chance to attend in-world on Wednesday at 6pm SLT, when the opening show will be repeated.

Clothing, accessories, hair and skin created exclusively for The Mens 24 fashion week are limited to only 100 of each, so make sure to click the LM and get to the stores early so you don't miss out!

Below is a calendar of all the events happening this week. (click to enlarge).

It is a great opportunity to take part in fabulous industry parties, fashion shows, and events during a premier week in mens fashion. You can see me again DJing for The Mens 24 Closing Party, on Saturday August 27th, 1-2.30pm SLT.

*I offer a unique ability for others to be able to join me on my stream and talk with me, and to the audience, during events I am DJing.


Yesterday we had a great party at megaWOOF! GFW. DJ Ado took the stream between 2-3pm and played an amazing set, DJ Thorn took over at 3pm and kept the party rocking for a second incredible hour of hot tunes and cheekyness. The club was jam packed from beginning to end, and the chat was sexy and fun. An awesome start to the weekend!

Friday, 19 August 2011

The Mens 24 starts today!

The Mens 24 takes place August 19th-27th from the creators of Menswear Fashion Week, Siren Productions. Twenty-four established and up and coming menswear designers are celebrating all thing related to the men of Second Life. Join in on an exciting week of limited edition exclusive outfits, skins, accessories, and hair! Take part in fabulous industry parties, fashion shows, and events all week long! Read all about it in our earlier post here and on the second nights website!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Grand Opening Party! Ibiza Pool Party, White Sands

Here are some pictures from the Grand Opening party of the White Sands party pool. There were two amazing contests, the first for 'Best in Thong' and the second was 'Best Sexy Bum'. Well there were alot of sexy assets being shook to the awesome tunes of DJ Thorn last night, and a whole bunch of sexy swimwear looking hot and sexy on you guys! Thorn was in a great mood and played a brilliant set, everyone was in a good mood and the party was sexy and fun. The new pool area looks amazing, the guys at White Sands did a wonderful job as always, adding another great party location to their beautiful Sim. The winner of the first contest was Gaymboy, congrats to him. There were four winners of the second contest! Laurent, Gaymboy, Unterwelt and Spanki. Well yes, I was a winner last night so thanks for that, and congrats to all the winners who went home with some prize money last night too. Thanks so much to FER and Al over at White Sands for laying on wonderful parties for us week after week, at the club and now at the pool... pool parties and hotties in swimwear are an irresistable combination, can't wait for the next one!

Coming soon! 30th DJ Night!

Do not miss this amazing party with an incredible DJ lineup \0/ Thorn opens the event 10am SLT, can't wait!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Monday party at Dorian Gray

Here are a few pics from last night's party at the wonderful Dorian Gray club. It's always a nice crowd here, with fun conversation and of course great tunes from Thorn, who kept the party jumping for two awesome hours with another top Electro set for our aural pleasure \0/ Good Times :D

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Men in Black at the Temple!

Just a few pics from Thursday's 'Men in Black' party at White Sands. As always a fun party, with a fun friendly crowd and great music from your DJ. Congratulations to joint winners Christope and Laurent who took an equal share each of the $L2000 prize! Way to go \0/

Monday, 8 August 2011

Best in hot swimsuit at club Xtasy!

On Saturday night DJ Thorn played his debut set at the fabulous club Xtasy. There was a contest for 'Best in Hot Swimsuit', and wow, so many of you turned out for this party! The club was jam packed with hot, sexy guys in a delicious selection of eye popping, mouth watering swimsuits. What an awesome party, and what an awesome crowd! Thorn kept the party pumping for 2 and a half hours, and you guys partied hard! Shadow gave us a hot show up on the pole, and there were so many gorgeous men on the floor, but we could only have one winner of the contest, and that was the handsome, sexy Nico (nicholas80 Toki) in his barely there red trunks. Way to go Nico on winning the $L2100 prize! Thanks so much to gmjorge, club Xtasy rocks!

winner Nico, in red above

Saturday, 6 August 2011


In the Horn of Africa (Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia), a human catastrophy is taking place. Due to the worst drought in 60 years the situation is disasterous. Ten million people in this region are threatened by famine. The United Nations says is the worst drought in sixty years.In recent weeks, many people fled to refugee camps because of lack of food and water. The situation here and in the rest of the region is glaring due to lack of food. This is why the United Nations is calling on the world to give generously to save millions of people from certain death.

Sunday August 7th is the great GRID-WIDE benefit to raise money for the starving children in Africa.From 12PM-12AM SLT you can join the 12 hour - 12 DJ event on Mkalvania sim. For you will play:

Adonis Lubitsch
Karl Kalchek
Okanagan Summers
Queen Edman
Ritch Nicholis
Justin Pastorelli
InsyX Piranha
Kaj Juutilainen
Sasch Petrov
Regi Yifu
Galileo Michalski
Tomtom Tabacznyk

On the stage will be donation boxes to give people a chance to give generously. Your donation is needed to send food supplies and drinking water, and provide emergency assistance to the children who are threatened by hunger. We hope that this international effort will help to save people and limit the damage to the affected population to a minimum.

Please give as much as you can spare directly to the donationboxes or donate directly to the avatar 'AfricaSupport Resident'.


Furthermore, please feel free to send messages out to all the groups you are in, invite friends and get the message out that on August 7th we will hold this benefit. Please contact Michalito Silvercloud or AfricaSupport Resident to set up a donation box on your sim.

Thank you so much for caring! We hope you will all join this event and make it a great success!

Kharissa Indigo
Michalito Silvercloud

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Fright Night @ The Temple!

The Temple Nightclub was transformed into a terrifying sight on Thursday for 'Fright Night'! The owners did a great job of decorating the club for the event, and all kinds of ghosts, monsters, zombies and other creepy guys took their spot on the dance floor for two hours of great tunes from DJ Thorn. Lucky the people in the crowd were so hot to take the chill out of the air! And we had a winner of the contest, congrats to Jimmy who won the $L2000 prize as Frankenstien's monster!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

'Sexy in White' at Dorian Gray!

Yesterday we had a 'Sexy in White' contest at Thorn's new Monday set at Dorian Gray! Thorn will be playing at Dorian Gray every Monday from 12-2pm SLT. Yesterday's party was a blast! It's always a great crowd at this club, and the event yesterday was really busy and fun. There were so many hot guys in the crowd, with different interpretations of the theme. In the end we had a winner, congrats to Donald Toros who won the $L1000 prize.

Thorn was on top form and played an awesome set stuffed full of new tunes and cheeky banter ;) Well they don't call him the Cheeky Monkey for nothing! Thanks to everyone who made the party so awesome, the great tips, and of course Ado and Trace the owners of Dorian Gray, and Thorn's host at the club on Mondays, Kharissa! It was a brilliant party \0/